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Cousins and sprog

Iftar with friends waiting for Paul and Karla to arrive – at Rare with Bish, Wasibaby, and Paul ‘DaddyBird’ – See on Path.

1st course at Iftar

What are you planning for December this year #SouthCol #Annapurna #Langtang


Here’s a shameless plug for my cousin – Sujoy Das – of My Real Life Heroes. He has been up and down these trails for ages and what he’s forgotten is probably not worth knowing anyway. So if you’ve got an adventurous bone, go on, book yourself for one of these.

According to him, the Annapurna one is perfect for kids.

Treks in December 2014 with South Col

The Langtang Valley Trek  Nov 30th to Dec…

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#Strongerthan Any bias #MalalaDay #Bringbackourgirls

One girl among many #STRONGERTHAN
#StrongerThan Celebrate Malala Day 14 July and support women's education

#StrongerThan Celebrate Malala Day 14 July and support women’s education

I only got the email late last night (US timing I guess) but apparently yesterday was Malala Day (her birthday on 14 July is being celebrated as Malala Day). Blog Action Day sent details on how (as bloggers) we could help support this. My post is a day late but here goes.

I am #Strongerthan any kind of bias. It is human…

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